Based in Sydney, Australia, Great Location Devices (GLD) was formed by Gordon Dein in the mid 1990s.

Since then GLD has grown and now supports the complete range of Stanton Jimmy Jibs - from the Jimmy Jib Lite, the original Jimmy Jib 3, 2 x 40ft Triangle Jibs, to Hotheads and Mini-remotes.

Some recent inclusions include:

  • 2 x Hummingbird SDI daybright monitors
  • M-One motors for the Bartech systems
  • Bartech film zoom and Heden M26T Motor (integrates with the 4c Stanton zoom control)
  • Microforce zoom and Heden M26T Motor

These facilities are complemented with an increasing range of support equipment and crew, making them second to none in reliability and performance.

The success of Gordon’s Comms System has led to the design and supply of a comprehensive range of aftermarket jib accessories which are proving popular worldwide. At GLD we pride ourselves on our reliability and a competitive price structure to suit all budgets.

Good working relationships have been forged with many of Australia’s leading production companies and television networks. The scope of work and experience has varied from sport and entertainment coverage to film production, television commercials and music videos/DVDs.