Triangle Jimmy Jib Accessories


Secures and can be left fixed to the rear tube.

The stabiliser tightens the weight bar, eliminating any movement.

It has 3 x 3/8" holes for the mounting of LCD monitor, or shot card holder.


triangle spacer

Designed to be used with the stabiliser, locks into the stabiliser providing a flat surface for the rear weights.

$95.00 pair

triangle grip handle

When operating 2 man, add the grip handles.

Provides greater control with movement forces transferring down the centre axis of the jib eliminating horizontal movement of the jib.


weight bar clamps (pair)

Safely secure and lock your weights to the weight bar.

Unscrew the knurled section and this will push the weights onto the spacers removing any weight plate movement.

When used with the stabiliser there is no more movement of the rear weight section – it becomes one solid mass.

$230.00 pair

remote head clamp

Securely locks the remote head, either over or under slung the remote head is locked in position still allowing for easy levelling adjustment.