camera plate

camera plate

GLD Camera Plate

A light-weight anodised aluminium camera plate which has become very popular with Jimmy Jib and Steadicam Owner/Operators in Australia. It was designed to replace the Sony Camera Plate and other manufactured alternatives, solving issues relating to camera movement, weight and difficulties with mounting of lens control motors.

The Stanton Video Lens Bracket it is often difficult to mount to a variety of lenses - the motors can twist and disengage. Combining the Stanton Film clamp with the GLD Camera Plate and properly setting the motor travel, the focus and iris motors can be easily mounted to the 15mm rod and will not disengage from the lens.

  • Light weight camera plate, fixes to the rear shoe and front 3/8" or 1/4" mounting holes
  • Eliminates Sony camera plate movement
  • The front rod allows for the mounting of iris and focus motors.

Temporarily Out of Stock

A newly redesigned Camera Plate will be available shortly.