Remote Tally Light

GLD Remote Tally Light

By utilising the auxiliary cable in the Jimmy Jib control loom you can now source the return vision and tally light facilities directly from the camera without installing an additional vision line. With the introduction of HD cameras and the use of fibre cable, this facility will supply a reliable third vision or back up video line when used in conjunction with the Stanton mini-triax to bnc adaptors.

  • Daylight viewable tally/return vision system
  • Send the tally and return vision down the auxillary cable of the jib loom
  • The camera bnc is voltage protected, so if incorrectly connected to the focus or iris cables volts cannot travel through the bnc to the camera
  • 4 x AAA batteries will power the display for 12mths
  • Dimmer and threshold controls.



Got It! Used It! Like It! - Mark Koonce

The control light  box is perfect - jturian