jib accessories

film kit

Remote roll for Arri SR, 435, 535

Stanton Remote focus – 2 x Right angle Focus motors (32 pitch)

Euro mount

30ft 4pin – 12v

30ft 3pin – 24v

Wheels operation

bartech remote

Two complete Bartech focus channels available or use as 2 channel Focus/Iris.

2 x M-One Motors

Lens Gears: Module/Pitch 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4m-64P, extra wide 0.8m-32P

Jerry Hill iris and extension mounting brackets

Remote roll: Arri, SR, 435, 535, Aaton, Panavision and Sony and Panasonic HD cameras.

film zoom

Integrates with Jimmy jib 4b/4c zoom control and Heden m26T zoom Motor

Microforce zoom control V+F

    Oppenheimer handle

    Heden m26T zoom motor

    Extension cables.

dutch tilts

2 dutch tilts available

Triangle or Jimmy Jib 3 compatibility

120° Roll

Also available: 1 x 360° Lite Dutch tilt.


3 x Systems with 150m of control cable each (can operates up to 300m of cable)

Operator has control of pan & tilt (fast & slow motors) Zoom, focus & iris

11.5kg load capacity

360° in 2.5 sec.


Utilizing the Stanton remote system I can supply 3 hotheads, scaffold mounted with 50m of control cable each. (operates on 90m of cable.)

A licenced rigger needs to be on site.

wide angle lens

Fujinon 4.8mm - 48mm

2 x Extender.


20ft Stanton track – suitable for a jib up to a 18ft reach

tracking wheels



1.5m x 1.5m, Heritage Green

4 sides, pegs, ropes


500 denier polyester fabric

UPF 50+ rated.


2 available

8 amp/12 volt DC, maximum 2000 watts/240 volt AC

Whisper-quiet operation from 53dB (A)

better than commercial quality electricity

Lightweight 21kg

Up to 15 hours continuous operation on a full fuel tank

Two like EU series generators can be linked in parallel to increase available wattage through the generator outlets.